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Remarks from Phillippe Le Corre, Gloria Feldt, Mo El-Fatatry, Yu-Kai Chou, and David Papa

Phillippe Le Corre
Special Adviser. Foreign Policy Commentator. Author. Speaker.

“Last week, by striking again against two democracies – an old one (France) and a young one (Tunisia), the Jihadists had three  purposes: first, to demonstrate they can scare people through bloody terrorist acts; second, to damage Tunisia’s main source of income, tourism; third, to divide communities in a liberal society like France where a very large majority of Muslims, Christians and Jews happily live together. Through international cooperation, including with other world democracies, I am hopeful that the rule of law will prevail over barbarity.”

“Every Human being needs to be able to access basic medical care. It is a privilege of developed economies to provide these services to all their citizens without discrimination. The fact that citizens of developing countries are dreaming of obtaining these services should make opponents think twice. It it the same for marriage equality: there are too many countries were this kind of freedom is being denied. To paraphrase Voltaire, I may not agree with what you are, but I will fight to the end until you obtain it.”

“It was a mistake to allow Greece into the European Union, then into the eurozone – the past 30 years have been a succession of missteps from Greek governments. Now Greece appears more and more like a developing country. Puerto Rico is another example of a badly managed economy with $73 billion in debt. As for China, which claims to be one, it will have to be included as a member of rich economies.It is, after all, the owner of $4 trillion, the world’s largest foreign reserves and it is increasingly becoming a key investor around the globe. By and large, all this comes to two words : responsible leadership”.

Gloria Feldt
Best Selling Author. Commentator. Speaker. Feminist Leader.

“Sexism, racism, and homophobia are joined at the head. That’s why it’s so important for all women and men of good will to work together to overcome all three. Several of the leadership power tools I teach address this head on–learning to embrace controversy for example and not be deterred by it.”

Mo El-Fatatry
Innovator. International Business Leader. Advisor.

“Violent crime is categorically wrong. Sadly, the world is entering a period of chaos so we will be seeing increasing presence of police/security forces. We should be careful though, not to paint a single religion or sect with broad strokes because we are all equally victims, as is evident from the recent attack on a mosque in Kuwait. Uniting against violent extremism is the most effective way to fight it.”

“The Supreme Court is one of the most distinguished American institutions, and is a cornerstone of American democracy. In both of these cases, it has served the interests of the nation by resolving two highly-politicized yet unnecessarily-delayed issues which will impact the lives of millions of Americans. I am overjoyed that both the greater good and love have won both battles, thanks to SCOTUS!”

“The Greek crisis looks like a stress-test for European unity. Even though Euro-nations don’t want to see any nation exiting the Eurozone, they also won’t tolerate continuous bailouts for under-performing nations, and therefore, will make it as painful as possible for Greece without compromising overall unity.”

Yu-kai Chou
Gamification Pioneer. International Keynote Speaker. Industry Leading Author. Serial Entrepreneur.

“From an Octalysis and Behavioral Psychology standpoint, hate crimes are motivated by the following Core Drives: Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling (my elitist group is of a higher mission to frustrate opposing groups). Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness (I can’t relate to them, so I want to dominate over them). Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance (they make me feel challenged or lonelier in this world and I must make them stop). It’s the same motivation that pushed Hitler to Genocide.”

David Papa
Marketing Producer. Brand Strategist. Speaker. Innovator.

“The most important part of any major societal event is how it makes you feel inside. This is information about who you really are and how you want to be in the world. This is what will really effect your life.”

“Arguing your opinion on a major event won’t change anything. Living in a way that shows your true beliefs changes everything. Change starts in the heart, not the brain.”


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