DCG Speakers Bureau Launch


An International Nontraditional Speaking Agency Launches in the US to Serve the 21st Century Conference Goer

April 23, 2015

Atlanta, GA USA— DCG Speakers Bureau, a new international speaking agency born out of the demand for “real” ready-to-use content and engagement from conference goers launched with its opening roster this week. The agency’s mission is to develop innovative platforms to provide thought-provoking customized content and dialogue to the highly concentrated conference and events audience.

The new agency venture will initially launch with 12 speakers marketed on their website, adding four to eight speakers per month. Each speaker is vetted during the submission process to ensure their content is current, forward-thinking, and rich prior to being listed.

The founder of DCG Speakers Bureau, Melanie Deck, launched the agency after producing conference events and working with speakers for over a decade and learning the current need in the market for a different type of business model. “As a conference producer, I’ve produced many shows rarely breaking even in costs. Although the conference speakers are deemed great during the event, I’ve run into instances where cookie-cutter speeches are delivered, providing no real value to our audiences. With DCG Speakers Bureau, we work with our speakers to ensure customized content is developed for each engagement and we’ve met the needs of each audience. We seek to only represent speakers that deliver real intellectual currency to today’s event audiences.”

DCG Speakers Bureau provides custom services to event organizations as well; ranging from fully developed panel discussions, to last minute bookings due to speaker cancellations as late as 24-hours prior to the event. The agency manages all pre, during, and post event engagement on behalf of their speakers and event organizers for each booked event.

DCG Speakers Bureau also offers international representation to speakers looking to strategically extend their brands within the global market. The bureau currently represents speakers within the US, Canada, and Europe.
To learn more about DCG Speakers Bureau and to review their roster of speakers, log onto www.dcgspeakers.com.


Press contact: Melanie Deck (404) 793-0010 media@dcgspeakers.com

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