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DCG Speakers on recent headlines

  Remarks from Phillippe Le Corre, Gloria Feldt, Mo El-Fatatry, Yu-Kai Chou, and David Papa Phillippe Le Corre Special Adviser. Foreign Policy Commentator. Author. Speaker. “Last week, by striking again against two democracies – an old one (France) and a young one (Tunisia), the Jihadists had three  purposes: first, to demonstrate they can scare people through bloody […]

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Mathew Knowles Receives MBA from Cornerstone

Mathew Knowles, president and CEO of Music World Entertainment, Inc., will receive his Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Organizational Culture from Cornerstone Christian Bible College International today. A champion of education, Mathew continues his 7th year professorship at Texas Southern University in the School of Business, teaching Entrepreneurship in the School of Communications […]

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DCG speaks with David Papa

DCG Speakers Bureau reached out to International Speaker and People Strategist David Papa to discuss the consequences of overlooking human behavior as a factor in creating and sustaining a successful business model. We are gearing up for Papa’s live webinar event, scheduled to be held on the DCG Speakers website, June 18. DCG Speakers Bureau: […]

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Speaker Highlight: Kristal Brent Zook

Repackaging Your Scholarly Work for the Mainstream Audience DCG Speakers Bureau sat down with professor and award-winning journalist, Kristal Brent Zook, to discuss faculty development practices within academia and how universities can tap into their scholars’ vaults of expertise to evolve their university’s brand. As universities begin to transition into summer months, many are using […]

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DCG Speakers Bureau Launch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE An International Nontraditional Speaking Agency Launches in the US to Serve the 21st Century Conference Goer April 23, 2015 Atlanta, GA USA— DCG Speakers Bureau, a new international speaking agency born out of the demand for “real” ready-to-use content and engagement from conference goers launched with its opening roster this week. The agency’s […]

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DCG speaks with Gloria Feldt

In the wake of what could be the United States of America’s first woman presidency with Hillary Rodham Clinton, we’ve decided to sit down with women’s activist, CEO and founder of Take The Lead Women, commentator and NYTs best-selling author of No Excuses, Gloria Feldt, to discuss the upcoming release of her new book, her […]

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